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Youth Programs

Youth Programs at the Lyme Academy are open to all students ages 11-18, regardless of their level of training or proficiency in the fine arts. Our studio classes provide essential skills in drawing, painting, and sculpting the human figure from life. Each class is based upon traditional and proven Academic practices and is designed to foster both life skills, such as critical thinking and problem-solving, and visual literacy.

Our emphasis on individualized instruction ensures that each student progresses through a series of assigned exercises at their own pace, and is instilled with confidence at every stage. Our goal for Academy Youth Programs is, of course, to help the next generation of artists master the skills they will need to succeed in today’s art world, but it is also to create a positive and inspirational environment in which to create and learn.

See below for more information about our Young Masters Afterschool Program and Summer Youth Classes. Click here to learn more about our Open Drawing sessions, offered free to high school students, and our evening and weekend classes.

Interested in our Youth Programs?

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Young Masters Afterschool Program

In keeping with traditional Academic practices that date to the Renaissance period, the Lyme Academy’s Young Masters Afterschool Program provides students ages 12 and up with one-on-one instruction in observational drawing, painting, and sculpture. Students are guided through a progression of skill-building assignments created to engage and challenge, while also growing confidence and ability. Working in an inspiring and professional studio environment, students follow a year-long drawing curriculum before moving on to a second year of painting or sculpture. Each student will progress through the Program at their own pace, suitable to their skill level.