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Introduction to Drawing in Space: A Figure Modeling Workshop for Sculptors with Robert Bodem


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Instructor: Robert Bodem
Dates:  May 20-24, 2024
Times: 10 am–5 pm (break 12–1 pm)
Workshop Location: Lyme Academy of Fine Arts
Levels/Ages: This workshop is for intermediate to advanced students; ages 18+

Robert Bodem’s Drawing in Space workshop offers a unique approach to figurative sculpture, originating in the Florence Academy of Art sculpture studios. Students will be introduced to the structural block-in method, with the dual purpose of developing sculptures from the live model and from the imagination. Students will work from the model for the full week, for a total of 30 hours. Students will focus on large and small gestures and the practicality of proportions, and they will become aware of the aesthetic vocabulary inherent in the linear and form qualities of the life model. They will also develop an appreciation of flexible techniques, rather than “finishing” a work.

Demonstrations, illustrated presentations, and class discussions, as well as personal and group critiques, will all be utilized during the course of this class.

Supplies: Please consult the instructor supply list to confirm and/or obtain the items you will need for the workshop.
Terms: Please review our Terms, Conditions, and Policies prior to enrollment.

Artist Bio

“Nature is a great instructor and working from observation allows me to unlock some of her mysteries. The forms that I bring to the surface should clarify my interpretation of human relationships. Nature is an impossibility, but to seek an understanding of a particular human is to attempt to clarify emotional content through silent sculptural form. It is necessary to study from life, drawing on the inspiration I receive from the attempt to make poetry of the form. Ultimately, presenting the viewer with essential forms expands our knowledge and ideas of how we interrelate to one another.” – Robert Bodem

Robert Bodem graduated cum laude from Boston University with an undergraduate degree in sculpture (1995) and a Masters of Fine Arts (1998). He was awarded the prestigious Alert S. and Ester B. Kahn Award for his talent in figurative sculpture. This facilitated Bodem’s move to Florence, Italy, where he founded the Florence Academy of Art’s sculpture program. Under his directorship, this rose to become one of the world’s premier programs to study naturalistic figurative sculpture and Bodem is recognized today for nurturing a generation of highly prolific sculptors. As the Founding Director of the Athens Sculpture Atelier, Bodem is currently based in Athens, where he continues to sculpt, teach, and revise his internationallycelebrated pedagogical concept of “Drawing in Space.” This fully comprehensive methodology is for sculptors of all abilities, working in any situation. Bodem’s own award-winning sculptures are held in collections throughout the world. 

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