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Terms, Conditions & Policies

Registration and enrollment operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration Fees:

  • For classes and workshops with tuition less than $500, your registration includes a $50 non-refundable registration fee.
  • For classes and workshops with tuition over $500, your registration includes a $100 non-refundable registration fee.

Tuition must be paid in full upon registration.

Minimum enrollment requirements for classes must be met for a class to run.

Participants will be notified in advance if the enrollment minimum has not been met. In that instance, participants will have the option to enroll in another class, availability permitting, or to have their payment refunded in full. This refund will be issued in the form the payment was made.

Refund Policy:

  • Full Refund, minus non-refundable registration fee – Withdrawal 14 or more days before the first day of class
  • 50% Refund, minus non-refundable registration fee – Withdrawal 13 or less days before the first day of class
  • No refund – On or after the first day of class

Participants wishing to withdraw from a class must email or otherwise supply our office with a written notice.

Our Administrative Office or the participant’s instructor must be notified of all projected absences. No refunds will be given for unattended classes, for any reason.

Participants are required to respect the policies of the Lyme Academy, as well as its instructors and the other participants in the Program.

Studio Standards of Conduct

Our policies and procedures below are created to foster a healthy and safe environment for our students, staff, faculty, and community. In addition to our students, the Lyme Academy serves the general population, youth, and other artists. Be considerate of these members of our community while on campus and using the communal spaces.


  • Campus buildings are nonsmoking, we ask that you use the parking lots as designated areas to smoke, do not congregate on the front sidewalk
  • Please leave all public areas clean and free of trash. Dispose of any food waste in appropriate areas such as the kitchen, not in personal spaces or studio spaces. Recycling containers are provided, and this community uses a single stream recycling.
  • None of the school’s instructional furniture (easels, drawing tables, stools, modeling stands, etc.) may be taken out of the studios. Any person causing damage to the casts or other school property will be held financially and legally responsible.
  • Lyme Academy does not assume responsibility for the loss or damage of personal belongings, artwork or material left anywhere in the studios. Material, artwork, and other personal property left in the school by students after the end of the school year will be disposed of.

Class Studio Policies

  • Photography is not permitted in the studios without express permission from the teacher.
  • All individuals, including models, must refrain from talking while in the studio, and all cell phones should be in silent mode.
  • If there is a model posing in the studio, please wait until break to walk into or through the studio.


  • Models should never be touched.
  • No photography of nude or clothed models is allowed at any time.
  • The class teacher or monitor is responsible for choosing any and all poses. For lengthy or extended poses the teacher will work with the model to find a pose that is comfortable for the extended period.
  • Only at the request of a teacher, monitor, or a student with the teacher’s consent, may correct or change pose.
  • Please wait until break to walk into or through the model room.
  • During breaks, models are required to wear clothing or a robe.

Non-fraternization Policy
The Lyme Academy has a non-fraternization policy. The relationships between staff, faculty, models and students must be conducive to an effective and safe learning environment. The Lyme Academy expects all staff, students, faculty, and models to maintain the highest professional, moral and ethical standards in their conduct on or off the campus.  Consensual sexual relationships are prohibited between a student and faculty or staff who is in a position to exercise power or authority over that student. If such a relationship exists or develops it must be disclosed to the Executive Director or Artistic Director.

Alcohol and Drug Policy
Students, faculty, and staff, as well as visitors and guests on school property, are prohibited from engaging in the consumption of alcohol with the exception of designated events.

In addition, students, faculty, and staff as well as visitors and guests on school property, are prohibited from engaging in the use of recreational drugs. The penalties for violations will include the ejection of the violator from school property and in the case of a student violator, their probation or expulsion.