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Painting Course


Instructors: Rick Lacey, Edmond Rochat, Thomas LaPine
Dates: October 2-December 16, 2023
Dates of Sections Available:
Mondays, October 2-December 4, 9 am – 4 pm
Tuesdays, October 3-December 5, 5 – 8 pm
Wednesdays, October 4-December 13, 9 am – 4 pm
Thursdays, October 5-December 14, 9 am – 4 pm
(No class session on November 22-25 during the Thanksgiving holiday break.)
Levels/Ages: All levels welcome; ages 15+


The Painting Course introduces students to the culture and activities of the artist’s studio, guiding students through a series of sequential and historically-based exercises designed to create a progressive learning experience.

Each student is provided with a studio workspace and begins with basic oil painting exercises. As students progress, they move on to more complex exercises, and are introduced to ideas such as paint handling and color theory. They also become familiar with studio practices like canvas preparation, in order to enhance their understanding of the artistic process. The Painting Course culminates with the creation of resolved paintings of plaster casts and still-lifes.

Within the Course, individualized instruction allows students to move through the curriculum at their own pace. Should students wish to accelerate their progress, they may enroll in multiple daily classes. Figure Painting classes are also available to supplement the lessons learned in the Painting Course. We strongly recommend taking the Drawing Course before taking the Painting Course.

Painting Course sections include 3 hours of same-day uninstructed studio time, with the exception of Tuesday evenings. This studio time will provide students with an opportunity to continue working on their exercises independently.

Supplies: Please consult the Supply List  confirm and/or obtain the items you will need for the Painting Course.
Terms: Please review our Terms, Conditions, and Policies prior to enrollment.