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Head Structure in Clay Workshop

Tuition: $450

Instructor: Stephen Perkins
Dates: November 4-6, 2023
Times: 9 am-4 pm daily, with a one-hour break for lunch
Levels/Ages: All levels welcome; ages 18+
Location: Stobart Studio


A portrait is “the depiction of the invisible by means of the visible.” 

For human beings, the human figure has been the most meaningful, evocative, and visually compelling image for story-telling for over 60,000 years. As the visual and cognitive focal points of the body, the head and face have been of particular significance. In this 3-day workshop, students methodically examine the anatomical, geometric, volumetric, planar, and organically rhythmic structure of the head, neck, and upper thorax, in order to identify universal truths and devise a practical working method for portrait modeling in clay. Hands-on learning will be supplemented by lectures and demonstrations about the carriage of the head in relation to the shoulder, the treatment of the hair, and the variation of proportions in general ranges specific to age, ethnicity, and gender. Larger philosophical questions and methodologies, such as modern conceptions of beauty and the research of Dr Paul Ekman, will also be addressed. Core objectives for this detailed approach to the structure of the head include animation through individualization and the evocation of spirt, and the acquisition of principles and understanding that may be utilized in future projects.

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