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Alla Prima Still Life Class

Section Available:
Mondays, 1-4 pm

Levels/Ages: All levels welcome; ages 15+


In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of how to create a still-life painting from direct observation. We will work in a direct alla prima, or wet on wet, method, in order to complete a painting in one session. Topics for discussion include: composition, drawing, light, color, form, depth, edges, and how to integrate a narrative into your work. Materials will be discussed as needed (paints, brushes, and board/canvas).

Please bring the objects that you would like to paint to class each week. Keep your still life set up simple, 2-4 objects max. 

Students of all levels are welcome.

For those students who wish to pursue the Alla Prima Still Life Course, the Drawing Course and Painting Course will provide the recommended foundational support.

Supplies: Please consult the supply list to confirm and/or obtain the items you will need for the course.
Terms: Please review our Terms, Conditions, and Policies prior to enrollment.