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Portrait Sculpture


Instructor: Chad Fisher
Dates: Saturdays, July 8–August 26, 2023 (8-week summer session)
Times: 10 am – 2 pm
Levels/Ages: All levels welcome; ages 15+

This class will introduce students to the process and  techniques of portrait sculpture. Students will sculpt from a live model over this eight-week course, with an emphasis on gesture, proportions, anatomy, and model likeness, and will complete one portrait in clay. The concepts of the golden section and dynamic symmetry will be introduced, along with historical design elements and the discovery of anatomical rhythms. 

Throughout this class, students will be guided by instructor-led demonstrations and individual and group critiques, which integrate authentic ancient Greek and 19th-century figurative sculpture principles. Complementing the class are discussions about the daily practice in a studio environment, including the use and care of materials, and the phenomenological approach to observing figures through clay.

We strongly encourage all students to attend the Figure Drawing classes offered by the Lyme Academy as a foundation for the Figure Sculpting classes. Details may be found here.

Note: Armature, tools, and clay can be purchased at the Academy’s art store, de Gereneday’s Fine Art Materials and Curiosities, located on the Lyme Academy campus.

Artist Bio
Since 2006, Chad Fisher has worked as a commissioned/gallery artist, producing fine art bronze and stone sculptures. Chad’s work is informed by a decade of rigorous academic training and a deep understanding of historic design principles. He has received public recognition for his work with the Philadelphia Flyers, Chicago Bears Football Club, Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia Vietnam Memorial, Major General Harry Rockafeller Memorial, Wild Bill Guarnere Memorial, and the MSG Gary Gordon, MOH Memorial. In 2017, Chad, along with his father Fran and wife Denise, built Fisher Sculpture’s personal art foundry. Chad is currently represented by Grenning Gallery in Sag Harbor, NY.

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Week 1, Week 2, Both Weeks