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Guest Lecture: Kaelin Palcu – ‘Why the Figure? Investigating the Topography of the Body’

“My work is an investigation of people – an attempt to communicate the body as a visual memoir, a landscape of experience and history.” – Kaelin Palcu

How does one, as an artist, find their “Why?” How do they choose their materials and their subject? Kaelin Palcu’s journey through her career and personal practice as a figurative sculptor, and her frank acknowledgment of the trials and tribulations of an unorthodox profession, make this lecture particularly meaningful for those who are beginning their careers in the fine arts.

For the last decade, Kaelin Palcu has been immersed in the study of metal-smithing, classical drawing, and sculpting the figure from life. In 2021, she completed her education at both the Barcelona and Florence Academies of Art. Prior to this, she spent four years apprenticing as a bronzesmith and developing proficiency with bronze, steel, and precious metals. Palcu currently lives in New York, where she is teaching, sculpting, and preparing for a solo exhibition in fall 2023 in Malibu, California.


Oct 27 2023


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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