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Guest Lecture: Aesthetic Significance with artist Sarah Frances Dias

Sarah Frances Dias will discuss Aesthetic Significance, or that which exists behind/beyond aesthetics and sustains all artistic creations across time and space. Learn about its relevance to meaning, to the self, and to universal principles and values. What is this essence? Why does it matter? How does it connect to consciousness? How can it be applied to creating in our own personal journeys?

Registration required for Zoom link.   Free event.

Dr. Sarah Frances Dias is an architect, artist, and researcher, who explores both in theory and practice the links between significance and consciousness in art. Born in Oxford (England) she is currently living and working between Lisbon and Madeira Island, where she grew up. She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon, has a Masters degree in Architecture (specializing in the creative process and conceptual development), has a Specialization Course in Sacred Art and Architecture, and holds a Doctorate in Aesthetics (Theory and Practice, with the title and theme “Core Vales and Principles as Generators of Significance in Architecture, Painting and Sculpture”), completed in 2017 with distinction. Sarah has multiple international publications in various peer-reviewed journals and has spoken in numerous conferences on various themes, including spirituality in art and the use of color and their meanings in art and architecture. Her research permeates her practical work, especially her paintings and drawings, where she explores poetical narratives, mythology, emotions, and archetypes. With numerous solo exhibitions in Portugal, her work is represented in various private and collective collections.


Oct 13 2023


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
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