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Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard about workshops at the Academy. What is the difference between a class and a workshop?

An Academy “class” is a sequential learning experience wherein students attend weekly or monthly sessions over an extended period of time. “Workshops” offer students the opportunity to work closely with renowned guest artists for a concentrated period of time. Workshops can range from 2 days to several weeks; classes follow the trimester schedule outlined above.

I work full time. Do you have options for evening or weekend study?

Yes! We offer classes on weeknights and weekends. Check the schedule for available classes.

Do you offer opportunities to study in the summer?

Yes! We offer a series of classes and workshops in the summer. We encourage you to follow us on Instagram (@lymeacademy) and subscribe to our mailing list ( for the most up-to-date information.

Do you have other studio offerings at Lyme Academy?

Yes! In addition to workshops (see above), we have Weekly Open Drawing Sessions, Open Printmaking Sessions, and the Core Program

I'm retired and looking for studio classes. Will I be the oldest one in the room?

No! We welcome students of all ages and educational backgrounds, and we are prepared to accommodate your learning needs.

I have special transportation and/or educational needs, can the Academy accommodate me?

The Lyme Academy is dedicated to offering every student an equal learning experience. Our campus is ADA accessible, and our instructors provide individualized instruction to accommodate each student’s educational needs. For further information, please contact our Program Coordinator at

What supplies do students need?

Supply lists will be provided for each class; these supplies are available for purchase through the school art store, online, or at other fine art stores.

What kinds of painting do students make?

Classes focus on representational painting using exclusively oil paints.

Can I take a tour of the studio prior to registration?

Absolutely! To make an appointment for a tour and to see our facilities, contact

Can I register after the start of the term?

Yes! We accommodate rolling enrollment, allowing students to enroll at any time with prorated registration for that trimester. To make arrangements to register after the online registration has closed, contact our Program Coordinator at

Do you offer payment plans?

Not at this time. Full payment for each class or trimester is due at the time of registration.

If I register for a class and decide I would like to join as a full-time student, can I?

Yes! If you register for one or two days a week and decide you like the classes, you can add more! Just send an email to

Do I have to commit to a full year for the Studio Immersion Program?

No. Students may register per term, with the ability to step away from the Program and return at a later date.

At what age can a student enroll in the Studio Immersion Program?

Students ages 15+ can register for the Program.

What will the Continuing Education classes prepare me for?

The students in our Continuing Education classes develop technical facility, visual literacy, and critical observational skills that can be applied to a professional art career. The Program can also be taken to prepare for college or other art programs, or for personal enrichment.

Does the Lyme Academy offer a degree program?

No, this is not a degree-granting program. Students in the Core Programs receive a certificate of completion at the end of the Program.

Is there an application process to join the Continuing Education Program?

No application is required; we accept students of all levels, and will work with them individually to meet their specific goals and needs. For registration information, first, put in your enrollment paperwork, once your enrollment paperwork is submitted, you will receive a login for the student portal where you can register for classes.

I have heard about your Core Program. What is the difference between the Core Program and Studio Immersion Program?

Students must apply to the Core Program, and admission is highly competitive. The Continuing Education classes are open to all registrants.

The Core Program has a rigorous set schedule and curriculum, and requires a minimum commitment of 2-4 years. The Continuing Education classes do not require a time commitment, and classes can be taken based on each student’s schedule.