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“As an artist, educator, and alumna of the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, I believe in the importance of passing on the traditions taught here to a new generation of students. Not all who travel through these doors will become professional artists, but the skills they practice will empower them to become adaptable problem solvers and relentless learners.
Art promotes cooperation between the eye, the hand, and the mind, and art training builds confidence, self-reliance, and focus – all valuable in the pursuit of higher learning and navigating a successful, healthy life. The Academy is a haven, affecting each person in ways they might not expect or imagine. Its lessons foster unique abilities, a sense of community, and a profound appreciation for different forms of creative expression, the sum of which last a lifetime.”
– Kimberly Monson, Director of Continuing Education and Youth Programming

The spirit of the Continuing Education Program originates with founder Elisabeth Gordon Chandler’s insistence on educating artists in the fundamentals of art-making. Having watched valuable skills wane during her lifetime as an artist, she was determined to found a school that gave artists something substantial and useful. She is quoted as saying, “Painters need to take sculpture and sculptors need to paint,” suggesting that the cross-pollination of disciplines strengthens the knowledge of all. This philosophy established the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts as the preeminent site for teaching representational art in America nearly four decades ago, and is at the core of the rigorous skills-based program we continue to provide our students with today. 

The Lyme Academy of Fine Arts is an art school built on artistic excellence and a supportive community. Its original mission promoted accessibility of the fine arts to those who sought focused study with professional artists who prioritized education. Staying true to Elisabeth Gordon Chandler’s inclusive vision, we offer our Continuing Education curriculum to the community, part time by class or full time by program, with both instructed and monitored sessions. (For full-time fees, see Portfolio Prep Year.)

CE Intensives

Lyme Academy’s CE Intensive courses provide students the opportunity to study a particular subject matter or with a specific artist  for a shorter intense period of time. These specialized classes can be offered for a day, a weekend, over one week or weekly for a few sessions.


Wednesdays, 4 pm – 7 pm
May 25 – June 15
Fee: $400

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Monday – Friday, 9 am – 3 pm
June 20 – June 24
Fee: $650

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Continuing Education Courses (by trimester)


Fridays, 9 am – 1 pm
April 1 – June 10
Fee: $550

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