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Storytelling Through Color and Its Edges


Instructor: Morgan Samuel Price
On-site: July 26 – 30, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Creating an emotional landscape painting requires the introduction of more than a pictorial historic representation of the scene.
I promise lively and informative discussions on:
– The essentials of recognizing the best vantage point.
– What makes a great scene.
– How to enhance the creation of the illusion.
– Arial perspective and the artists color choices. (It too plays a role in the production of the pictorial narrative.)
– Why design encompasses more than composition.
– The key role of edges to create movement.
– Successful drawing illusions through value

All aspects of academic principles will be presented throughout the course including a thorough explanation of the three elements of color: value, temperature and intensity.

Please submit a small portfolio (5 paintings) for review and inclusion in the class.

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