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Spring Term Sculpture


Instructor: Kimberly Monson
Monday Instructed/Tuesday Monitored, 1 pm – 4 pm
March 28 to June 7

This essential course explores the observation and duplication of three-dimensional form and composition. Students are introduced to the tools, materials, and techniques of modeling forms based on direct comparisons. The history and traditions of sculpture will be discussed as a foundation and context for understanding class exercises. Examination of basic forms will begin the systematic study of convexity, concavity, planar orientation, projection, volume, silhouette, line, symmetry, and proportion. These foundational concepts will be coupled with methods for accurately observing, measuring, and depicting an object in three dimensions. The synthesis of these methodologies will be the cornerstone for assessing figural archetypes and future work in anatomical structures. Student’s study still-life, casts, and drapery as inspiration interpreting form.

Our six-hour courses maximize necessary studio time by having both instructed and monitored sessions.  Monday is instructed and Tuesday is monitored.

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