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Spring Term Drawing


Instructor: Kimberly Monson
Monday Instructed/Tuesday Monitored, 9 am – 12 pm
March 28 to June 7

This practical course presents drawing as the visually accurate representation of three-dimensional forms in space on a two-dimensional surface. By drawing still-life objects both singly and assorted under various lighting conditions, students are taught to see proportions and confirm their observations with measurements. Students also learn how spatial relationships are checked horizontally and vertically, and how negative shapes are sought out and used to define and confirm positives. Finally, in progressing from simple geometric forms to the more complex (including the human figure), students acquire an integrated, systematic, and effective approach to the construction of an accurate drawing through line and value. This class is designed to establish or re-establish the practice of mindful drawing.

Our six-hour courses maximize necessary studio time by having both instructed and monitored sessions.  Monday is instructed and Tuesday is monitored.

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