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Leonardo Da Vinci


Instructor: Marissa Asal
On-site: July 19- 23, Monday-Friday, 9 am – 3 pm

"Learning never exhausts the mind."

Leonardo Da Vinci was the quintessential Renaissance man. He mastered instructive drawing of precise spatial and anatomical symmetry. He mastered and invented the sfumato technique which literally means “smoke” where the edges of the work is softened and blended to perfection. Leonardo is famous for keeping elaborate and stunning notebooks of study and invention. His sketchbooks are an artform themselves.

Participants who choose to study the Leonardo Da Vinci week will concentrate on precise drawing, blended painting and bringing the famous da Vinci horse to life in sculpture. Students will create and keep a storytelling sketchbook full of observational studies, designs based in symmetry, careful line drawings and exploration of softening edges (sfmato) that Leonardo was so known for.

All students must review and accept our Youth Programming Policies and Procedures. In addition, a Participant Conduct Agreement and Medical Form are required, which may be completed and submitted online.

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