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Imagining the Portrait with Mags Munroe


Instructor: Mags Munroe
In-person: October 15 – 17 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
9 am – 4 pm with lunch from 12 – 1 pm.

Dive into imaginative portraiture over the course of this 3 day workshop alongside artist Mags Munroe. Known for her unique approach to portraiture, Munroe’s artwork features real and imagined faces shrouded in abstract and symbolic elements. Munroe will guide the class through her process, thoughts, and experiences, as well as work with students during critiques to hone their distinctive visions.

Munroe will demonstrate capturing a portrait from life, as well as from imagination, all the way to going beyond physical likeness by capturing the spirit and essence of the model through graphic and illustrative means. Students will be encouraged to embrace and accentuate their own individual styles and visions; you will be encouraged to be messy, take risks, and make mistakes. This class will be a judgement free zone to explore the art of portraiture as well as style.

Though the focus will be on ink drawing and linework, all mediums are welcome. Bring your own medium of choice, as well as a sketchbook for warm ups. If you wish to use the same supplies as Munroe, her list of materials can be found here. Also included will be slideshows of inspiration, group discussions, warm up drawing exercises, and more!

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