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Figure Painting

Instructor: Hollis Dunlap

Wednesdays, 1 – 4 p.m.

This 10-week class will explore classical as well as modern painting techniques through painting from the live model. We will focus on light effects, proportions, edges, and various methods of paint application, in order to create compelling and convincing paintings. Several techniques will be demonstrated, including compositional planning, drawing from large to small shapes, paint application, interpreting color based on light sources, using anatomical landmarks to construct the figure, and how to revise a painting as you go. Students will be encouraged to build the sense of form from the largest masses first, to create a sense of finish before small details are added. Basic geometric shapes will be used to describe and simplify forms of the body, in order to give the painting a convincing sense of form, as well as to give the student confidence when painting directly from the model.