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Edgar Degas


Instructor: Marissa Asal
On-site: July 11- 15, Monday-Friday, 9 am – 3 pm

Edgar Degas was a reluctant Impressionist. He enjoyed color and light effects as well as scenes of urban leisure. He loved working from the figure and he is most known for his works featuring horse racing and the ballet. Due to Degas infatuation with color and form, as well as his strong classical tendencies, he created wax sculptures as studies and fleshed out his initial drawings by developing elaborate pastel paintings.

Participants in the Edgar Degas week will concentrate on color and form as the focus of making art. Students will investigate Degas favorite themes and media by use of gestures and movement through wax sculpture studies and color through pastel painting.

All students must review and accept our Youth Programming Policies and Procedures. In addition, a Participant Conduct Agreement and Medical Form are required, which may be completed and submitted online.

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