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Critical Thinking, Editing, Composition, and Brushwork… Key Elements to a More Successful Painting


Instructor: Kenn Erroll Backhaus
On-site: September 13 – 17, Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4p.m.

The chance to create a strong visual pictorial that will grasp and hold the attention of the viewer should be a paramount decision of the representational landscape painter. Critical thinking and the introduction of editing as one of your tools of practice can achieve dynamic results to your ideas.

After seizing their attention, the artist needs to retain their interest with competent and expressive paint application directed and intended to create the illusion of object, form, depth and mood. A better understanding and use of these key elements will ultimately improve your artistic and creative skill sets.

Kenn will work with you to help further develop your individual style. He will identify your strong and weak points. The format of the class will be taught indoors in a controlled environment with the instructor teaching through lecture and or demonstration each day. After the lecture and or demonstration, the participants will paint the rest of the day while receiving individual instruction.

Prerequisite: Foundational Courses or permission of the instructor

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