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Alternative Process: Landscape Tools & Temperament


Instructor: Timothy P. Wilson
In-person: October 15 – 17 (Fri, Sat, Sun)
9 am – 4 pm with lunch from 12 – 1 pm.


Throughout the course of this three-day workshop, students will be led through a series of demonstrations and on-site painting exercises designed to inspire a more personalized and exploratory vision of landscape painting that nevertheless rests on a foundation of traditional approaches to the genre. The tools and techniques covered in the workshop will help students overcome creative blocks, put their visions into practice, and, through abstraction and self-investigation, produce a more unique and powerful result.

When roadblocks or stagnation occurs in the creative process, practical implements can often be the most mentally freeing. Hands-on demonstrations will help to show how different tools can be used in conjunction and in lieu of a brush, in order to help rejuvenate a composition and fingerprint an image as a student's own.

Students will first be asked to paint in a traditional manner; in subsequent sessions they will adapt the initial painting using the alternative tools presented and discussed. They will also consider the issues of chance intervention, welcoming discovery, and adapting to changing weather conditions, both reactively and immediately. Students will be challenged to personalize an image, even when it is grounded in the academic foundations of the initial underpainting, and to locate and embrace the emotions that can come from this act. Through a gradual process that sways back and forth between the traditional and the experimental, students will re-establish, obliterate, redefine, and expound upon landscape painting in their own, individualized ways. As they are pushed to both draw and depart from a known vocabulary of technical skills, they will create a new artistic vision that translates beyond the image itself.

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